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Services For Post-Revenue Startups

Market Analysis

  1. Meet founders / management to understand stage and goals

  2. Review company value proposition vis-a-vis competition

  3. Review and provide feedback to company sales materials

  4. Review and provide feedback to company sales strategy & processes

  5. Market research to create a list of top potential customers, partners, events, subject experts and funding sources

Representation and Business Development

  1. On-going representation services to present the company to potential customers, partners and funding sources on behalf of company to secure appointments

  2. Support with strategy, process and negotiations

  3. Plan and support transition to part time / full time sales and business development team recruitment and onboarding

  4. If required, represent company at key industry events and organize events with key stakeholders

  5. If required, work to establish an advisory board for company

R&D and Expansion Grant Consulting

  1. Determine required, complementary and additional R&D opportunities, find and apply to right grants

  2. Create international expansion budget, find and apply to relevant government grant programs

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UK Friendly Marketing, Branding, and Communications

  1. Defining the Brand, Marketing and Digital Communication Strategy

  2. Setting up the localised Marketing Plan

  3. Product design review and optimisation

  4. Social media management and content marketing services (newsletters, blog posts and webinars)

  5. Reporting relevant industry fairs & expo to establish local brand awareness

  6. Ongoing marketing and branding counsel

  7. UK friendly content marketing, webinar, live chat tool providers

Financing reporting & management

  1. Advisory / part time CFO services to prepare VC / PE ready financials

  2. Preparing investor-ready financial statements

  3. Preparing 3 to 5 years budget, making internal due diligence and valuation before any round is happened.

  4. Interim CFO services

Partner Offerings

  1. Accountants and accounting tools

  2. Immigration

  3. Lawyer

  4. Recruitment

  5. Office space

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